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We specialise in brochure style websites, for small businesses who need a web presence, but who don’t need complex, expensive content managed solutions.


If you want to be able to edit your site's content yourself, we can build a 'live' content editor into your site. This lets you log into the website from wherever you are (as long as you have an internet connection), edit some page content, and publish. Easy-peasy - your updates will be live straight away.


We'd hate to think of your target audience missing out on anything, so we thoroughly test all sites to make sure they work on as many platform/browser combinations as we can think of. We also do our best to make sure they are always standards compliant.


Accessibility is more important than you might think. For some companies, it’s a legal requirement to have a website which is accessible to at least ‘Double-A’ standard. For everyone else, it’s still a good idea to make sure as many people as possible find your website useable. Most recent browsers have facilities built in to take care of things like using custom style sheets and resizing text, but we'll make sure that the stuff that goes on in the background makes it all work properly and your site meets the required standards.